Customised itineraries 

for unforgettable vacations


I can organise your private customised itinerary (in English or Spanish), based on your specific interest, including unique spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, quaint cafes, wine cellars, 

bars serving creative cocktails or gastro markets featuring local fare.  

I will provide a tailor-made event for private groups, starting from 2 people,

 to meet your interests and budget, that you will always remember.

My idea is to share with you my love for the island and the flavours of Mallorca

 that I have discovered since I moved from London over 15 years ago.  

You can go on your own or I can accompany you to guide you throughout.

Standard Tours

Palma, Guide, Mallorca, Food, Tour, Restaurant

Intimate and enjoyable experiences designed to give maximum flexibility and an authentic taste of local cuisine to curious travelers.  Where to go and what to eat/drink.  

VIP Tours

Palma, Guide, Mallorca, Food, Tour, Restaurant

Designed to take you and your group/family through the authentic Mediterranean culinary traditions at a high level.  Anything you dream I can make it a reality in Mallorca.

Corporate Tours

Palma, Guide, Mallorca, Food, Tour, Restaurant

From corporate meals to bespoke additions for your event, a lunch in a cozy restaurant or an informal evening at a tapas bar.  Gourmet activities,  including market visits.